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Monday, August 2, 2010

Letter From Malibu

So what are your feelings now that you have been in the field for a few weeks? Is it anything like you thought? How does it feel to serve others?
The field feels fine it’s like normal life now. We do quite a bit of service and are going to do some tonight but I am kind of tired.

How is the teaching pool coming along?

The teaching pool is slow very slow but we have 2 investigators that have a date for a baptism. Me and elder Bigler are doing great we get along good. I went on splits with one of the zone leaders on Thursday and he is in an only Spanish area so that was interesting cuz I did not know what they were saying very well but it was good.

Are you able drive yet? How many car areas are there in your mission?
I have not been able to drive yet but I should be eventually. I think I need a gps. I don’t know how many car areas we have but I think it’s a lot.

Do you get a lot of dinner appointments or do you have to cook a lot.

We do have a lot of dinner appointments every day.

with love
Elder Waldvogel

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