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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello from Redondo 3rd

Hello from Redondo 3rd I have been doing good. I am now in the Redondo 3rd Ward area. The transfer was good. I just moved about 5 miles up the coast towards the mission office. Yes, my area still has the beach in it and also it has the PCH or Pacific Coast Highway in it. I am in a bike area now… so no car. It is kinda sad but at least finally after 8 months I can try out my bike.

My new companion is Elder Stequist he is from Kaysville and he went to Davis high and he has been out for about a year. Yeah we get along well and we are trying to work pretty hard. Yeah Elder Spencer who I came out with from the MTC is in our district too. There are 3 of us from my last district in this zone and they are me, Elder Correa, and Elder McCulloch.

I haven’t had a chance to get to know the ward because I have not gone to it yet but the members seem really good. Yea they are really good at feeding us!!!!

We had a good zone conference yesterday.
I really liked Elder Bednar’s talk that you sent. It talked about some good stuff and good insight.
We now have 2 baptismal dates for March 20th and they both look really good and solid.
Well, I should get going so I love all of you and of course my favorite sister and hope all is going well and I will talk to you later.

p.s. no new pictures. I couldn't get them to send.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Elder Waldvogel is being transfered to Redondo Beach. More Information will come on the next P-day.

Hello from sunny and warm California!

Hello from sunny and warm California! I have been really good with no cough so that has been good. Sorry I dont have any recent pic of me right now.
The work is about the same as before nothing really new to report.
Yea it was really cool what elder Clayton talked about one thing that he have implemented is he said to "live chapter 8 of PMG religiously" and we have been doing that.
2 things I enjoy is 1)seeing the gospel bringing happiness in others lives and 2)all of the great members. the ward is treating us really great, they help out if we need it and they feed us every night.
Well I need to get going so I hope all is well and I love all of you and I will talk to you... including my favorite sister next week.
Elder Waldvogel

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Malaga Cove Sunsets

I've been good

Hey I have been good, just trying to stay focused on the work and continue on working on my teaching skills.

The work is about the same, slow, but good. Nothing new really to report and sorry Leah we do not have any baptisms coming up.

Everything is going good. I really like all the meds you have sent me but I think I should be good for now on meds for my cough. My cough is a lot better. It’s very small and not very often.

It was a REALLY! good meeting with Elder Clayton. The spirit was amazing.

On Sunday it was fast Sunday and it was really cool because the spirit was testifying really strong and its always that way. That is one thing cool.

For service projects we really don’t have any right now but our district leader is working on getting one.

The family home evenings have been kinda ok but we are trying to find more families to teach.

Yea the music is good thanks. Yea the system you sent is doing really good. Thanks.

Yea, I was kinda surprised that you sent an Apple Shuffle even as a joke…. so I am doing well with it, thanks.

Sometimes we hang out with other elders in our district and zone and for actives it just depends; we have played basket ball and sometimes volleyball.

Love all of you and my favorite sister and I will talk to you next week.