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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The baptism was really good

Hey! It’s going really good. Just doing work. That’s good that you got the SD card. That is not cool about having a hard time reading the card. I hope you got all the pictures off. I don't think I need a new card the reason I had a hard time sending pictures was because of the computer I was using.

The baptism was really good. Sorry I did not get any pictures of it. But I felt really good about it that we taught her and helped her progress in the gospel. Yeah the ward should be taking over the "new member lessons" and she has connected VERY well with the ward.

Sharon is doing really good too. She is not going the same speed as Katrina but she is progressing which is really good. There is not really anyone else that we are teaching but we are always looking!!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey, life in Redondo Beach is good

Hey life in Redondo Beach is good.
We just do a lot of biking, but its good.

Yeah, I heard that the whole area was on a alert for the tsunami but just for a day. Its interesting because our bishop was over in Japan when it happened and he was stuck there till Sunday when he got home at 11:30 and church started at 12:30 so he was blessed to be able to come home at the right time. But for the waves I heard that they were not really big. The bishop also in church was stressing the need to be prepared with what the prophets have told us.

Missionary work is going good. We are just preparing for our baptism on Sunday but that should be going very smooth. Other than that things have been quiet.

Nothing new this week, we just had interviews and went on splits and now I can say I have been in Compton. While on splits we got locked out of the apartment and that was fun! Elder Stequist and I get along great and work hard. Its been good.
My bike is doing good I am doing some of the maintenance that is says in the book I have for it. Its proving to be a good ride.

I got your box thanks, I like the cookies [4 boxes of Girl Scout thin mint…Rachel Spencer rocks] thanks I am going to have to share some with my companion.

I really liked the talks from Elder Bednar you sent. I really liked the one he gave up at Ricks that one was really good. I made a copy of some of the ones you sent and gave them to a less active member. I hope it will help him.

Well I hope all is going well and I will talk to all of you later. I love all of you and my favorite sister.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Invite the Holy Ghost

Hey guys,

It’s lunch time for me so I thought I would write you guys.

Congratulations Leah on the speaking part in the school musical.

I have been reading a lot of Elder Bednar’s talks. I don’t know if you noticed but Elder Bednar always asks for the Holy Ghost to be there and to help teach. Just thought I would share that with you and encourage you to invite the spirit into our lessons, whether on a mission, speaking in conference or in teaching a lesson at church. That is something we can all do to help us teach. I invite you to do it and I will too.

Redondo Beach

Saturday, March 5, 2011

hey, from Redondo Beach 3rd Ward

Hey, I have been really good. Life in Redondo Beach is good. We have been having a lot of members at our lessons so that is good.

The chapel you are talking about is the one that Elder Correa and I used to go to but that is not the one I go to now. Mine is 501 Rowell Ave, MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA, 90266, UNITED STATES and I am in the Redondo 3rd ward.

You mentioned there are 2 baptisms coming up, who are they? A family or 2 separate individuals?

The 2 baptisms are for 2 different people one is Katrina she is really ready to be baptized and the other is Sharon she will probably need some time but they are progressing well. Katrina has a date for March 20 at 5:00 P.M. and Sharon is pending but probably sometime between March and April.

On p-day when you get groceries and do your laundry, do you have to ride your bike or do you get someone to drive you?

Well it depends if someone is willing to give us a ride but usually we can get one and we do our laundry at the appt. yes we ride our bike everywhere and sometimes we walk. Usually the only time other missionary's give us a ride is to meetings but it’s not too bad my muscles are a little sore but I will get use to it.

Did you get the nicer seat installed on the bike?

Yeah I got the other seat installed. The bike is doing good and I am trying to keep it in good maintenance and I have been tightening the crank arms.

well I hope all is going well and I love all of you and my favorite sister and I will talk to you later.

P.S. I will be sending my SD card back soon.