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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey, life in Redondo Beach is good

Hey life in Redondo Beach is good.
We just do a lot of biking, but its good.

Yeah, I heard that the whole area was on a alert for the tsunami but just for a day. Its interesting because our bishop was over in Japan when it happened and he was stuck there till Sunday when he got home at 11:30 and church started at 12:30 so he was blessed to be able to come home at the right time. But for the waves I heard that they were not really big. The bishop also in church was stressing the need to be prepared with what the prophets have told us.

Missionary work is going good. We are just preparing for our baptism on Sunday but that should be going very smooth. Other than that things have been quiet.

Nothing new this week, we just had interviews and went on splits and now I can say I have been in Compton. While on splits we got locked out of the apartment and that was fun! Elder Stequist and I get along great and work hard. Its been good.
My bike is doing good I am doing some of the maintenance that is says in the book I have for it. Its proving to be a good ride.

I got your box thanks, I like the cookies [4 boxes of Girl Scout thin mint…Rachel Spencer rocks] thanks I am going to have to share some with my companion.

I really liked the talks from Elder Bednar you sent. I really liked the one he gave up at Ricks that one was really good. I made a copy of some of the ones you sent and gave them to a less active member. I hope it will help him.

Well I hope all is going well and I will talk to all of you later. I love all of you and my favorite sister.

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