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Saturday, March 5, 2011

hey, from Redondo Beach 3rd Ward

Hey, I have been really good. Life in Redondo Beach is good. We have been having a lot of members at our lessons so that is good.

The chapel you are talking about is the one that Elder Correa and I used to go to but that is not the one I go to now. Mine is 501 Rowell Ave, MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIFORNIA, 90266, UNITED STATES and I am in the Redondo 3rd ward.

You mentioned there are 2 baptisms coming up, who are they? A family or 2 separate individuals?

The 2 baptisms are for 2 different people one is Katrina she is really ready to be baptized and the other is Sharon she will probably need some time but they are progressing well. Katrina has a date for March 20 at 5:00 P.M. and Sharon is pending but probably sometime between March and April.

On p-day when you get groceries and do your laundry, do you have to ride your bike or do you get someone to drive you?

Well it depends if someone is willing to give us a ride but usually we can get one and we do our laundry at the appt. yes we ride our bike everywhere and sometimes we walk. Usually the only time other missionary's give us a ride is to meetings but it’s not too bad my muscles are a little sore but I will get use to it.

Did you get the nicer seat installed on the bike?

Yeah I got the other seat installed. The bike is doing good and I am trying to keep it in good maintenance and I have been tightening the crank arms.

well I hope all is going well and I love all of you and my favorite sister and I will talk to you later.

P.S. I will be sending my SD card back soon.

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