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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Life is good

I have been good but tired. I think it’s from waking up at 5:45 am every morning to play soccer. The life of a missionary is still good.
We get to attend the temple once a quarter. The temple was great as always I saw the other movie this time it was good. Yea I think we are blessed to have the temple so close to us in our mission it’s great.
Well Kevin is not going very well. Just kidding he is doing great he got baptized on the 31st, it was good.
No new investigators this week. That is how it is in Malibu sometimes.
Well on Monday we helped someone in the ward out. He is working to get back to the temple and we helped him with some landscaping work and another member’s home.
The weather is good I think it’s hot but it’s OK. I drive but not very much, which sucks but o well. Sometimes the traffic is OK but other times it really SUCKS!!! It’s sometimes bad at 6 am.

Saturday while Leah and I were at "In and Out", there were 2 missionaries leaving in their car. Leah was amazed to see 1 of the Elders be a guide and help his companion back up. I explained to Leah that you and every other missionary do the same thing when they are in a driving area. Leah was impressed.
Yup that is a rule that one needs to be out of the car and back the other one up.

Halloween was a little slow Saturday night, it was raining for a lot of the evening, so we did not have many kids come by. Needless to say we have lots of candy left over.

That is good that you have candy left over so you can send it to me LOL. That is good that Bella has not eaten any yet.
That is cool that you guys are in a musical I want to be in one on my side of it anyway.

Yea we had dinner at the Wuehlers last night and they said that she sent you something and that you emailed back. They liked it. Thanks.

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