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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Sprocket


Well things are going ok we are still working with a young man and his dad. They are doing good. The young man got the priesthood yesterday so that was cool.

We now have the opportunity to watch the Preach My Gospel DVD's in our apartment. On Friday we all got portable DVD players only for watching the Preach my Gospel DVD's so that is really cool. It enables us to study the missionaries and then improve on what they have done so this is now a REALLY GREAT tool we can use. It’s REALLY COOL!!. I can now better apply some things that I have seen in them.

We are doing good. I am riding my bike a lot. My bike is doing ok, I just need to replace the back sprocket on it now. That will be a load of fun… LOL. Other than that things are doing good.

Thanks for the prayers.

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