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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Elder Loli is going to be transferred

Hey i have been good. I found out that Elder Loli is going to be going to San Pedro but I don’t know about me yet. Elder Loli and I had a great time together.

We just got done with a talent show and an open house for the wards and that took up like all of last week. I was able to set up the sound system at the talent show so that was cool. They didn’t know how to set it up. It was good that I was there to help. One more way the lord is watching out.

Having the car and being the driver is interesting because it means that I drive when other elders that don’t have a car need to go somewhere. As for driving in L.A., It all depends on the day, where I’m going and if I have any other elders with me. I’m getting used to the traffic.

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