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Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well we have some more investigators. One has said he would be baptized but he needs more time to get to know stuff. He is just seeking peace in his life now. We also have some that look good. The current investigators are going very slow but they have their agency so yea.
I am doing well now. It’s a runny nose with a cough. I just today bought some off brand Zyrtec so I need to take that or maybe I will just wait it out.
Elder Bigler and I are doing well. Futbol is good I think I am getting better at goalie.
The GPS is great the only thing is I want it to have the traffic for the PCH but it is great still. That is good to hear about bob and Leah. I say hi to Nancy too.
O yea, I got some Santa Barbara mango salsa. It’s really good. Dad you should send me some ghost pepper seeds and I will grow them. I will dare my comps to try a bit lol. Well, got to go, not much time and again I have to write president so love you all and talk to you later.

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