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Sunday, October 10, 2010

General Conference

This last week was I think really slow, so no really good investigators stories.
General Conference was good. We went to the stake center on 3400 Sawtelle blvd. Some talks I liked were Elder Bednar’s talk on the Holy Ghost, of course. Elder Uchtdorf was great. Saturday morning was powerful for me. But for the most part it was all good. It was great the way President Monson announced 5 more temples right at the beginning. You know he is a true prophet of God. I too, liked president Monson’s talk on missionary work.
I missed watching conference in HD at the house or even in 16:9.
That is good to hear that Leah had a chance to go to the Afternoon session of conference. I’m glad she took good notes. I need to work on my note taking skills.
After priesthood the ward went out to eat and we went out with them and went to a Japanese place. It was a bit different but it was good. I had rice and egg and chicken, so yup. Hope all is going well.
It was raining this week on P-day so we didn’t go on a hike, but I love the area we are serving in.

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