California Los Angeles Mission

1591 E. Temple Way

Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missionary Life is Good

Hello how is missionary life these days? Was this an eventful week?

Hi missionary life is going good it seems like its going fast. The last few weeks have seemed like they have been going slow with the work.
we did service today in the temple and we were up in the assembly hall moving chairs. We had with us the ZL's and the AP's so that was fun. The assembly hall is BIG and cool (the assembly hall in the Los Angeles Temple is the size of a football field)

Did you receive your package with all the misc items?

Yes I did receive the package thanks.

What do you think of missionary life?

I like the life. Its good.

Do you feel your testimony is growing?


Have you been on splits lately, have you had any more good Mexican food?


When do you get your driving privileges?

I have them now, I have had them for a few weeks now.

How is the bike?

Good, I haven’t ridden it much but that one time.

How is the UCLA ward, do you attend Sacrament meeting there as well as the Pacific Palisades ward?

We try to go to both wards. The UCLA ward is ok. Slow but ok.

Do you have transfers coming up next week?

Nope. About transfers I have heard that I will be going the Watts area and that there are a lot of drive-by shootings. That will be different so we will see.
Just kidding, I really don’t know what is up yet with transfers.

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