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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hey its going good here in the Downey 4th area. The only thing happening this week is we have 4 baptisms on the 28th. That's cool. I will be doubling the amount of baptisms I have in one day vs. one-year lol. We have 3 individual people from the Samoan ward and 1 individual from the Downey ward. We are still teaching 1 other person in each ward so they will be baptized soon but I don't know exactly when. We have been working on completing families you can say.

There are 3 other companionships in our district and there is one 3 some. Yeah, we have district P-days and also Zone P-days.
There is one other car in the district so we split picking up people. but yeah we pick up one of the companionships and take them around.

I spoke last Sunday in the Downey ward and one other time in Redondo 3rd ward so I have only given talks 2 times.

I am kinda trying to learn Samoan. I only know like 2 or 3 words but I’m trying.
Elder Loli and I are working well together. He is personable and good at meeting people.

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