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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Transfers were last Wednesday

Transfers were last Wednesday.
Did you get transferred?
Did I get transferred …that is a good question what do you think?

Hello from Malaga Cove!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yup I got transferred my new comp is Elder Correa he is from Florida. We got flushed or whited washed into the area (both Elders are new to the area)… its going to be fun. I think this is going to be a time for me to grow. It should be good. Our area is much smaller now it’s kinda by Torrance you can look it up on Google maps.

Malibu was great for the 6 months was there,I loved the people, but I’m very excited to be in this new area. It too is near the coast.

Rain, Rain nothing but rain a few days ago. That is all that has happened for us.

Was your trip down to California good? Next time you should come this way and stop at the Visitor Center. lol

yea I remember last year at Christmas that we had to wait a few days to take off because of the weather. That’s good you left early to get good weather to drive up and over Donner Pass.

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